Dissemination Activities

Dissemination activities are carried out in two ways: Direct contact programs and through this website and the associated channels of presence in online social media. The direct contact programs are again of two types: Awareness Program and Training Program.

Awareness Programs are meant to initiate the users into the world of Digital Signatures & PKI, and who require a basic level of understanding. They are generally 1-Day or half-day programs with typically 100+ participants. The targeted audience of these programs includes officials of State & Central Govt., Banking & Finance and the General Public.

Training Programs are intensive programs delivering hands-on experience. They are generally offered as 2-Day or 1-Day courses with typically 30+ participants. They are tailored to meet the PKI and Digital Signature needs of the organization. The needs of the members could be to develop PKI-enabled applications, or PKI Administration in the organization etc.. or could be researchers pursuing their studies on PKI Algorithms and Protocols.