PKI India

An Open Community to discuss and share the technical and operational knowledge of Digital Signatures and Public Key Infrastructure has been established with the support of the CCA(Controller of Certifying Authorities, Govt. of India) through a project funded to C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) Bangalore.

The objective of this Community/forum is to share the concepts and implementation of Digital Signature and Public Key Infrastructure in order to facilitate their adoption in a wide-ranging spectrum of applications.

We aim to achieve this by creating simple and accessible resource materials and disseminate them through various means and media and in different formats. In this context, we have been carrying out nation-wide awareness and training programs, the details of it is accessible in this website.

We believe this forum will evolve and serve as a comprehensive knowledge base on this subject and we invite contributions from various stakeholders and volunteers to add to the body of knowledge (BoK) being compiled by us.

Digital Signature & PKI

Digital Signatures armed with legal sanctity, have wide-spread applications cutting across various sectors, and have revolutionized the traditional ways of conducting transactions, in Banking & Commerce, Procurements, Governance, Communications etc... by providing the same elements of trust in an Internet world.

Digital Signature and PKI-enabled applications can save time and effort, while at the same time reduce costs. It also has the potential to user in transparency and accountability. The benefits accrued to the end-users would therefore be enormous, and lends itself as a strong technology component in a Digital India.

We envisage PKI as an ecosystem comprising of four major dimensions – Algorithms & Protocols, Implementation & Standards, Policy & Laws, and Applications. The developments in any of these will have an impact on the complete ecosystem.